Publications - Events

The Research Institute for Tourism issues 4 monographs a year at the series Studies that deal with vital tourism and economic matters. These monographs are scientifically corroborated and they highly contribute to the evaluation of the condition and the evolution of the tourism sector and the economy as a whole.

It also issues a biannual review for the Greek Economy and Tourism, which is sent to hotel owners and other entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, to government agents and institutions, to banks, to national and international tourism organizations, to public libraries and to university foundations. In this biannual review economic and tourism issues are examined, issues concerning the evolution in the European Union, forecasts on the latest economic and tourism developments and finally is examined the impact of the international conjuncture on the Greek economy and the Greek tourism sector.

The Research Institute for Tourism also publishes studies of specific interest at the series Special Editions.

The Research Institute for Tourism in order to make publicly known the results of its research organizes Press Conferences, national and international conferences, inviting field experts from the Greek and the international scientific community, as well as professionals working in the tourism sector.